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Photography Expeditions

Traveling is one of the most meaningful things to experience in life.


But it all depends on how you go about doing it.


As a humanitarian photographer, I spend most of the year traveling to remote locations, from the vast grasslands of Mongolia to the Himalayan mountains or the desert of Iran.


Spending time with locals and learning from different lifestyles, that’s what it’s all about, more so than clicking the right pictures.


After all this time spent on the road, hiking for days in order to find a nomad family or a hidden temple, it’s now time for you to come with me on some of my photography expeditions, specifically crafted to offer amazing opportunities for the adventurous soul.

For more information, drop me an email at

Key Monastery

Finished - The Spiti Valley Expedition July 20th to August 2nd 2019

Stay tuned for the next expedition - announcing soon

Words from a client -"I’ve done a good bit a traveling on my own over the years and I was pleasantly surprised at how well-planned, educational, and fun this expedition was. Thomas organised the trip-of-a-lifetime and I highly recommend this expedition to anyone interested in discovering this amazing part of the world while expanding their photography skills through one on one instruction."

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