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Freelance photographer and filmmaker, Thomas is passionate about global issues such as education, sustainability, and human rights.


He strives to combine these interests with photography and film in the projects he undertakes.

A graduate from Leiden University College with a major in International Relations, he co-founded the multimedia production company Strobe Pictures, which aims at creating compelling narratives for businesses and NGOs alike through stories worth sharing.

He is also involved on a wider range of personal projects, from photojournalism across the globe to fine art projects for which he has received awards.

While currently based in Paris, Thomas travels whenever he can. He worked in many places including Taiwan, South East Asia, India, East Africa and various European countries, and recently in Mongolia alongside travel photographer Timothy Allen.

Thomas also started a Master degree in Crisis Intervention at Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne in September 2019.

Involvments and publications

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