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I offer carefully crafted multimedia solutions for NGOs and businesses alike.

Discover below some of the products my clients have trusted me with over the years.

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The source of my inspiration stems from a deep interest in the challenges of this world and a passion to tell stories worth sharing.

The products you will discover are a powerful solution when it comes to creating both engaging and relatable content for local and international initiatives on topics such as education, human rights, culture, and sustainability but also technology and the start-up industry.


If you choose to hire me, my policy is that I work on media content from beginning to end.

Everything from brainstorming ideas for the film to post production will be done alongside your organisation to ensure not only material of the highest quality but that which best suits the image you want.

Whenever necessary, I will team up with specifically chosen professionals I have worked with in the past.

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Docu-style films are the answer to bridging strong, content based material with the human element of any story / conference / event. 

Whether it's corporate, non-governmental, or educational, this product will act not only as a strong marketing tool but also as an enduring narrative.

This product can further be enhanced with text and visual animation.


Burst Videos are the best social media tool for anyone who wants to share their event experience in a new, innovative way. Quick, to the point, and visually appealing, they will be sure to generate buzz.


They will entice, draw in, and inspire those that might not have made it to the event by constantly reminding everyone of the impressive work going on nearby.


Conference Video Coverage is vital to ensure that your event can be watched and re-watched by those not able to attend. 

Not only can I guarantee quality audio and visual coverage but I can do so at the shortest notice. If you need a video team for an event taking place in a couple of days, do not hesitate to contact me.


Your Event Photography must be vivid, but also relevant. My skills as a photojournalist will particularly shine in crafting this work.

Over the last years, I have covered a variety of local and international events, having already produced continuous streams throughout the day for organisations like Humanity in Action, Oxfam and PwC.