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Click on the PDF icon to view my research project in Colombia.

The following are sources I used to craft my photography project proposal. In the future, some attention will also be given to academic research specific to Colombia.

General information on state of the Amazon forest and climate change

- WWF, Forest and Climate Change, accessed October 2018,

- Greenpeace, Amazon Rainforest, accessed October 2018,

- European Commission, Understanding Climate Change Impact on Amazon Deforestation, accessed October 2018,

- Jane Chung and Nina Chestney, Scientists to publish report on feasibility of climate targets on Oct. 8, Reuters, October 2018. Accessed October 2018,

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Colombia's environmental pledges

- IDEAM, Estrategia Integral de Control a la Deforestacion, 2018.

- TFA2020, The Annual Report 2018.

- Ministry of Climate and Environment, Colombia steps up the battle against Amazon deforestation, September 2017.

- Anastasia Moloney, Colombia takes 'unprecedented' step to stop farms gobbling forests, Reuters, 

April 2018.

- Dejusticia, Justicia Ambiental, accessed October 2018,

- Maxwell Hall, Colombia Launches Partnership to Protect Amazon Rainforest from Deforestation, World Economic Forum, November 2017. Accessed October 2018,

- Earth Innovation Institute, Colombia. Accessed October 2018,


Environmental defenders, killings and the role of indigenous communities

- Jonathan Watts, Battle for the mother land: indigenous people of Colombia fighting for their lands, The Guardian, October 2017. 

- Bart Crezee, Indigenous peoples in Colombia play crucial role in the fight against climate change, Mongabay, March 2017.

- Global Witness, Their Faces: Defenders on the Frontline,, 2018.

Consequences of peace treaty on deforestation

- Gena Steffens, In the Colombian Amazon, peace has environmental consequences, Global Post, May 2018.

- The Earth Institute at Columbia University, End of Colombia conflict may bring new threats to ecosystems, September 2018.

-  Brian Wallheimer, Peace at a price: Scientists see threats to Colombia’s environment, September 2018. Accessed October 2018,



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